LadyBearBOT is a Twitch shout-out bot built for the LadyBear Trucking community by Miqqa. It provides automated shout-outs to anyone who has been added to the list!

If requested, the bot can be added to your channel to extend the functionality of the automated shout-outs to your own stream!  Please ask us directly in the #tag-request channel in The Bear’s Den discord for more details!

There are a few commands associated with the bot that anyone can use:

There a couple more commands for those who need to change their status on the bot. Please be mindful as these commands will remove your shout-out and the bot from your channel.

  • !removeshout – Will remove YOURSELF from the auto-shout list and joined channels.
  • !part – Will remove the bot from your channel, shout-outs will remain.